Study in UK (United Kingdom)

About Education in United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK) comprises of four countries- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which offer quality education to the students who pursue different courses from these places. UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class and to support this standard of excellence, some of the older universities with recognizable names, such as Oxford and Cambridge are established in United Kingdom. Also, students who want the benefit of a UK accredited degree while never having to leaving their home country choose to study online.

With the increased popularity of distance learning, there are several fully-online programs from world class universities include the University of Birmingham and Nottingham Trent University. The UK is home to some of the best-known internationally renowned universities in the world. Since 1903, UK universities have produced 88 Noble Prize winners.

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Advantages of studying in United Kingdom

There are various advantages when it comes to study in UK. Some of them are as follows:

Low cost of Education

Cost of education in United Kingdom is lesser in United Kingdom as compared to other countries and continents. The reason for this is UK degrees can be completed in three years with honors (saving a year of tuition compared with many other international degrees). Also, students in the UK have access to free medical care through the NHS if they are studying for more than six months. Talking about monetary figures, Tuition for the majority of UK higher education institutions is generally from £6,000 to £7,000 a year – considerably less!

Growth Prospects

International students have always been an important presence in the UK, and their numbers have been growing steadily over the years. An international student in the UK is typically allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school term, and up to full-time when school is out of term. Some postgraduate degrees last only one year (as opposed to two in other countries), which means you can finish your degree more quickly and start earning more in the workforce. Therefore as the education gets completed, a student can easily look out for lucrative job opportunities.

Cultural Diversity

From cosmopolitan cities like London, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow, to historic counties like Warwickshire and Yorkshire, the UK is a place of contrasts and culture, where ancient buildings occupy the place of contemporary architecture. The qualifications offered by UK institutions are internationally recognized, so wherever you work your knowledge and experience will be valued.

Study in England

Unlike other countries, England’s most well-known universities are somewhere other than the capital. The University of Oxford is a research university located in Oxford in England. The university is the oldest in the English speaking world, with evidence of instruction being done then as early as 1096. The University of Cambridge is another popular university that comes to mind when people think of universities in England. It is a public research university found in Cambridge, England.

Languages are another great thing to study in England. Europeans are known worldwide for their ability to speak several languages, and the English are no different. England supports rich heritage, quality educational institutes and the fantastic diverse culture. A person will never run out of things to do while studying in England, because there is just so much to do. A lot of freedom is given for the course a student wants to choose and is encouraged to interact and express ideas with peers. Student life in England is varied, from sports and all kinds of social clubs, to nights out and trips around the country with new friends!

Study in Scotland

Scotland has 4 Major University Cities – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. It has more world class universities per head of population than anywhere else in the world. With 19 world class institutions, Scotland’s university sector offers unparalleled quality and choice. At degree level, study fees in Scotland for international students outside of the EU vary from around £9,000 per year to over £20,000 for an MBA. Many universities in Scotland offer scholarships and bursaries to assist with the cost of tuition fees or living costs. There is a strong push in Scotland’s institutions for more collaboration, meaning better access to resources. All Scottish universities have employ-ability embedded in their courses and graduates can expect the highest starting salaries six months after graduating than anywhere else in the UK.

Study in Wales

Wales enjoys some of the lowest living costs in Britain. In addition to the fantastic support services, some of the University of South Wales’ current sports teams and societies include the international student society (including country-specific societies), debating society, cricket club, football (soccer) teams, rugby teams and many more. University of Wales now leads on all aspects of education on behalf of all Welsh Institutions. Welsh universities offer a friendly and academically challenging environment with an excellent reputation for research and teaching quality, state-of-the-art study facilities and supportive staff. Wales is the only country in the world in which all of its universities collaborate in a not-for-profit union for international students.

Study in Northern Ireland

The cities in Northern Ireland have the cheapest living cost compared to other regions in the UK, not just the living cost, but the tuition fees for international students is in the range of £10,000-16,000 with numerous scholarships for students. Northern Ireland has two universities and six further and higher education colleges. Being the smallest country in the UK, Northern Ireland is easy to travel around. It’s packed with history, culture and myth, and there’s an incredible variety of landscape and scenery.

The universities in Northern Ireland offer a great deal of courses and welcome in thousands of students from over 80 countries each year to study in UK. They encourage independent learning, with long reading lists and academic assignments.  It has a unique culture and a long tradition of academic excellence. It is also attracting more international students with subsidized rates, low living costs, affordable accommodation and lots of support.