Study in USA

Study in USA for Indian Students

American education system has carved a place for itself that has sustained years of trying and testing. The U.S. academic calendar typically runs from September to May and can be divided into two academic terms of 16-18 weeks known as semesters. More than 4,500 accredited institutions make up U.S. higher education in the United States.

Unlike many countries, U.S. higher education institutions are not centrally organized or managed, but are accredited on a national or regional level by independent accrediting bodies. A variety of institutions offer higher-education degrees. Students have the option to choose from various courses within their university and have a freedom of migrating from one institute to the other. Beyond the classroom walls, innumerable extra-curricular activities give students a chance to develop leadership skills and community spirit. U.S. universities promote outside-class learning through varied social, cultural, and sports activities

study in usa

Advantages of Studying in USA


US universities are not only about faculty, research and technology. Instead they also support state of the art infrastructure. For most international students, the universities serve as their home for undergraduate or post graduate studies. The campuses not just have beautiful open surroundings but have an extremely fascinating infrastructure. Each campus offers state-of-the-art infrastructure that has facilities such as libraries that host rare collections, well-funded students’ clubs, furnished accommodations, health facilities, career & sports centers, office for international students and many more.

High end technology

Regardless of what degree a student chooses to pursue in school, he or she will have to use computers and other technologies in order to succeed. Many universities incorporate the latest technology into their curriculum, encouraging students to obtain proficiency before they go out into the workplace. Specialized technology, such as the newest medical equipment in medical schools, allows each student to maximize their true potential and gain experience that is marketable in the real world.

Worldwide Recognition of the education received

With over 4000 universities across the country, the US higher education system is always holds top place, is extremely prestigious and exerts a powerful influence on the rest of the world. It has the highest international acceptability and reputation. According to a Council for International and Higher Education (CIHE) survey of 230 UK companies, one in three employers valued job applicants with international study experience, while 65% of employers favored applicants with overseas work experience. International students in the US have the opportunity to gain work experience during their studies and to work in the US for up to one year after graduation on the Optional Practical Training scheme. Students in the sciences and engineering stay on for up to two years.

Funding opportunities

The US universities have always had the provision of giving scholarships to exceptionally bright students. With a wide range of institutions to choose from in the US, there truly is a university for every student of any background that fits their budget. Talking about Indian students, scholarships are granted on the basis of their academic merit and distinction in other non scholastic works. There are majorly two types of scholarships options available to choose from-

  • Merit based scholarship: provided to meritorious students who have proved their academic or non academic excellence throughout. In addition to this, exceptionally high scores in standardized tests such as SAT or ACT can also be taken into consideration.
  • Need based scholarships which are according to the financial capacity of deserving candidates. It is facilitated to those students, whose family resources (as calculated by a standardized formula) are not enough to cover the educational costs.

Culture and Language

The US spans six time zones and has a wide variety in geography and culture. Long university summer holidays and programmes organized by the international student’s office, such as holiday trips and host family schemes, offer students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the US and immerse themselves in another culture. America is a centered pot of people from all over the world. One will find most Americans to be very hospitable, friendly, kind, generous and accepting of foreigners. There are numerous opportunities offered by US universities which enhance the college life of the students. Join a club – there are hundreds to choose from. Become a leader in student government, or write for the university newspaper. Act or sing in the campus arts programme or volunteer in the community. There are so many ways to get involved in American college life.

Steps for getting a Study in USA Visa

  • Get a digital photograph of each applicant
  • Complete visitor visa application form DS160
  • Pay the visitor visa application fee
  • Take appointment for visa interview
  • Visitor Visa Fingerprinting at Visa Application Center (VAC)
  • Go for visa interview at designated US consulate