MBBS in Germany: Eligibility, Fees, Advantages, Top Universities

mbbs in germany


Studying MBBS abroad has become very common among many aspiring medical students. When it comes to the choice of countries that offer MBBS for Indian students, approved by the Medical Council of India Germany is very a popular country, preferred by many.

The best and low cost International education is offered only by Germany.  Germany has a number of top medical universities approved by the Medical Council of India.  The intriguing aspects about studying MBBS in Germany and medical universities of Germany free education for international students.  Let’s explore in detail about studying MBBS in Germany pros and cons, cost of education, eligibility requirement etc.  You can take an insight of MBBS in Germany Quora, where the potential candidates for studying Medical program in Germany share the experiences.

Quick Facts about MBBS in Germany

Germany has a lot of Medical Universities which are several decades year old, where language of instruction predominantly remains German.  However English is also included as a language of instruction.

  • Course duration is 7.5 years, where 1.5 years is dedicated for or German language study.
  • MBBS in Germany – 5 years academic program + 1 year internship
  • Cost of living is too low.  It comes around 35k per month inclusive of all expenses to live in Germany.
  • A few top medical universities in Germany offers free education for the deserving candidates.
  • Almost all universities close their application from mid of July to mid of August.
  • Visa process is very simple and easy provided if you submit all mandatory documents.

Approval of MBBS in Germany

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International
  • Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

MBBS in Germany for Indian Students 2018 – Eligibility and Entry Requirements

There is a lot of admission requirements and cost of education is very high in India many students find Germany a great alternative destination to pursue their dream of studying medicine. No entrance is one of the major benefit of study MBBS in Germany for the Indian students.  This doesn’t mean any Indian student can get the admission in any of the top medical schools or University in Germany.

The infrastructure, quality of education,  part time work opportunities, lifestyle, internship program, followed by options to pursue post graduation degree etc remains for better than the Indian system.

Overall cost of studying MBBS in India in private sector is too high when compared to the cost of studying MBBS in Germany.

Eligibility of Studying MBBS in Germany

  • The student who wishes to apply for MBBS in Germany should have scored a minimum of 60% marks in the class 12 Exam with main subject class physics chemistry and biology.
  • Since clearing NEET is mandatory for Indian student to join in MBBS in any other country, it is also counted.
  • Students with strong academic record are given preference.
  • Knowledge of German language is an added advantage but not necessary in the preliminary stage.
  • Clearing TOEFL or IELTS mandatory to prove the proficiency of language.
  • Passing the German language test to prove the eligibility to study MBBS in Germany.  There are many standardized German tests to analyze the proficiency available.  Deutsch als Fremdsprache and TestDaf are two common language proficiency tests.

These are the basic eligibility requirements for Indian students to get an admission in any top medical university in Germany.  if you have very strong academic record and proven your excellence grabbing a seat not a big deal.  Yet, do not forget that the competition is very tough.

Pros and Cons of MBBS in Germany

You can find pretty much a huge list of advantages of studying medicine in Germany than any other European countries and international destinations.


Most of the public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee hence free education it’s literally true in Germany.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Germany

  • Germany is a beautiful country to live explore and of course study the most promising course that fetches lovely career.
  • Fee structure and cost of living it literally low in Germany when compared to the other countries as stated above.  there are few medical universities in Germany that offer free medical course for international students which are a potential benefit for the students.
  • All top medical schools and medical universities are adopted by World Health Organization Medical Council of India and several International health and medical advisory boards and committees.
  • Quality of education is on par with the International standards
  • Although German is a major language communication students have the option to study in Germany for English.  communication is not a problem for the Indian students who have good grasp over English language.
  • From the 2nd year of joining, students can work part time and here sufficient enough to meet their cost of living.
  • Plenty of working opportunities available for the medical graduates soon after completion of course in Germany
  • Stipends and scholarships are available in plentiful for the deserving candidates regardless of the country they are from.
  • Students can and start practicing medicine across the globe in any country they prefer because MBBS in Germany is excellent worldwide.
  • Medical career in Germany is quite lucrative for the students.  students can continue their PG in medical studies in Germany itself.  The remuneration paid for PG students to study in Germany is around 20 lakhs. .
  • After completion of MBBS in Germany international students can stay there for a period of 18 months you can practice their profession too.  on an approximate basis during this period we can earn around 40 lacs per annum.
  •  All students are allowed to practice medical profession who studying MBBS in Germany without any restrictions.
  • Completion of 3 years work in Germany makes them eligible to apply for permanent residence in the country where they can continue the medical profession in Germany itself.


Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Germany

  • Duration of course 7.5 years which is longer than MBBS in any other country.
  • It is mandatory to study Germany as a language during the first 1.5 years as a part of MBBS in Germany.
  • International students with the proficiency of German language have the edge over other students which are definitely a kind of drawback for those who can communicate only in English.
  • Around 600 international students are enrolled every year by top medical universities in Germany, the chances for Indian students is very low due to strict entry requirements.
  • Cost of education in medical Universities that teaches in English, is very high.

Cost of studying medicine in Germany

As stated above many universities do not charge tuition fee for all the students in USA for international students.  Germany offers the low cost medical education main cross the globe without compromising on quality of the education. It takes about an average of $800 per month for the overall cost of living.

Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Germany

Student gets two types of scholarship; Government scholarship and private scholarship under different categories.  however scholarship for undergraduate students that those who study MBBS in Germany are very low since most of the public universities offer frees education. Various need based and merit based funding are extended for postgraduate and doctorate students who studies in Germany.

Government scholarships include the following:

  • DAAD Scholarship for various degree programs inclusive of medical studies.
  • ERASMUS+ – The most popular scholarship program available across the European countries.

A few scholarship exams are available for MBBS students in Germany to support their livelihood.

After completion of MBBS in Germany students have to option to start a career in medicine.  in case of Indian students they can continue to study or practice in Germany or return back to India.


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