MBBS in New Zealand: Top Medical Universities, Eligibility, Fee, Advantages

mbbs in new zealand

New Zealand is one of the beautiful countries in the world. It is not just the ideal dream planned to leave but also a great study abroad destination for the aspiring students. Especially, medical aspirants from India who seek for studying MBBS in international destinations choose New Zealand as one of the top options. MBBS in New Zealand has a lot of advantages and gives a plateau of opportunities for international students. It is quite an edge over other countries that offer MBBS for Indian students. Let us see in detail about studying MBBS in New Zealand, cost of medical course, duration, pros and cons, best universities and many more.

Overview of MBBS in New Zealand

The quality of education in New Zealand raised a bar and easily matches with the quality of international standards. This is one of the main reason that Indian students choose New Zealand has a preferred destination to study medicine. The quality of education is equivalent to UK & US.

MBBS in New Zealand is a 6 year medical program.

MBBS offered by two universities in New Zealand are listed in the top universities of the world. All universities and colleges in New Zealand governed and regulated by the government.

MBBS in New Zealand fees structure

Fee charged by the two universities is listed below

University of Otago – Otago medical school, which is an internationally acclaimed medical college regulated by the university of Otago. Costs around $35,000 for the first year and $80,000 from 2nd to 6th year.

University of Auckland – cost around $32000 for the first and summer $73,000 from 2nd to 6th year.

Overall living cost comes to $300 per week.

MBBS in New Zealand Fee Structure

Here is outlook of the cost of expenses tuition fee and living cost in both universities.

MBBS is offered as MBChB, which is a 6 years medicine program. This university offer cost free accommodation and all types of financial support to all the students.

The courses is split into three categories

  1. 1 year pre medical course
  2. 2 years preclinical theory course
  3. 3 years clinical course with prospective clinical attachments

As an additional option all students get the opportunity to enroll into a 4 week course on any elective subject in the fifth year and in the 6th year of studying medicine respectively.

MBBS in New Zealand eligibility requirements and admission cycle

It is important for the Indian students who were by to John MBBS in New Zealand to learn about the admission cycle which is peculiar in New Zealand. It helps them plan for preparation and apply accordingly which gives ample amount of time.

Academic year in New Zealand commences between February and March. A few medical schools may have slightly different admission periods.

The deadline for application submission generally falls around end of October to end of December for enrollment in the next year during the month of February. So as a student you have sufficient time to visit your options and choose accordingly.

You can prepare for the standardized entry recruitment tests like IELTS or TOEFL and I appear in the same during July or august.

You can request the application forms email at least 4 to 6 months before show the deadline of application in the respective year.

Students who have passed higher secondary examination are not eligible for joining MBBS in New Zealand. Entry requirements are very tough and highly competitive.

The prospective applicant must have any of the following eligibility credential to apply for MBBS in New Zealand.

  1. Should be a graduate in any science stream
  2. Should have completed first year bachelor of biomedical science for health science

The 1st year health science students must pass the English that basic test conducted by the university to become eligible for or enrollment in MBBS.

In addition all the prospective students appear and clear the undergraduate medical and health sciences admission test (UMAT) will be conducted online.

Double criteria apply for both domestic and international applicants. Students who hold a science degree in any branches of health science or biomedical science from a recognized university are eligible. All applications are assessed based on their merit performance.

  1. Should be a science graduate  for international student
  2. Should have completed first year of health and science bachelor degree
  3. Should have passed the English diagnostic test
  4. Should have a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS
  5. Should clear UMAT online exam
  6. Should have excellent academic record

Pros and cons of studying MBBS in New Zealand

Advantages of studying MBBS in New Zealand

  • The country is rich which in biodiversity which gives an excellent exposure for the international students.
  • The country is literally new, young, fresh and dynamic which create a solid enthusiasm.
  • Of course the quality of education is on par with leading universities
  • The courses are approved and acclaimed globally, and regarded as an international degree.
  • The country is futuristic when it comes to technology and innovation, which is clearly image of benefit for the students to harness the power of technology Intel education.
  • Students get a lot of benefit from smart classrooms, hi-tech laboratory, personalised attention; etc
  • Directly regulated by government of New Zealand. It was excellent teaching.
  • New Zealand offers versatile study in the higher education sector
  • Studying MBBS in New Zealand recognised internationally & MCI. Easy for the students to embark the journey as a medical professional in any country.

After completion of MBBS in New Zealand, it opens a highly rewarding career, across the globe. You can continue studying the post graduate in medicine in the desired stream or start practising the profession. Students also have the opportunity to kick start their career in New Zealand itself.

Cons of Studying MBBS in New Zealand

Expensive – it is literally expensive to study MBBS in New Zealand. When compared with the cost of studying medicine abroad with other countries, the cost of study along with the living cost is very high.

The entry requirements are too tough and highly competitive. It is difficult to get a placement in any medical school in New Zealand.

Applicants must be a graduate, which may be a disadvantage.

MBBS in New Zealand for Indian Students Quota

Although New Zealand has already emerged as a prominent destination for international students including Indian medical aspirants, it is relatively new for the Indian students. If you want more information, check out the Indian students Quora related to MBBS in New Zealand. It is a long Fred the discusses about entry requirements, lifestyle and many more. You can get inside to the experience shared by the students who study medicine in New Zealand.


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