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Study MBBS in USA! How easy or how difficult is it is for an aspiring student to enroll in a medical course in the United States of America.

USA is one of the countries that enroll Indian students to pursue the dream of embarking at career in medical science. in USA is different from MBBS offered in India and other Asian countries and European countries.

Joining MBBS in India has received a lot of restrictive entry requirements. What are the requirements to study medicine in USA? How to do medical study in USA? Let us see briefly about the entrance requirements, eligibility to study MBBS in USA, fee, duration, scholarship, pros and cons of doing Medical Science in USA, etc.

First of all what we call MBBS in USA is actually MD course.  There is nothing called MBBS which is the bachelor degree in Indian education system.

It is not possible for an Indian student to join MBBS in USA immediately after completion of 12th standard.  Eligibility to join MBBS is totally different in the US.

Minimum Qualification for studying medicine in USA is a basic degree in science. it is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree according to the Indian  education system. So,  any bachelor degree holder in any branch of science has the eligibility to join MBBS in USA. MBBS in USA after 12th is ruled out option.

The same rule applies to MBBS in USA after 12th with scholarship.  Let us see scholarship options available for MBBS students in USA.

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Eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in USA

Graduation with science background –  bachelor degree in any science stream that is relevant to the medical science

MCAT    Medical College admission test. This is similar to competitive exams conducted in India to enroll in Premier Institutes. Students should  pass MCAT to become eligible to join in any medical schools or colleges in USA.

However there is one alternative option to study medicine in USA, in Caribbean Island.  studying MBBS in Caribbean Island is a golden opportunity equivalent to joining any medical school in USA.  students can enroll this 5 years MD program directly after completion of class 12. However just make sure that the medical school or college you choose in Caribbean Island has proper accreditation and recognition by the Medical Council of India. Medical schools and Universities in Caribbean Island teachers MBBS only upto 4 semesters until completion of USMLE. After successful completion of the 4 semesters students have to go to us to continue the education in US. They get stipends and scholarships to meet the cost of education.

These two are the basic eligibility criteria that are required to get an admission in any medical school in USA. 

A graduation from basic science is mandatory.  Students can have the graduation from any reputed and recognized institute in India as well as in USA.

 If you are a student and if you wish to pursue MBBS in USA after 12th you can join any science degree in any institute in USA.

Students who pursue MBBS in USA have the options to continue their career as a medical professional in USA itself.

Study pathways and options available for the Indian students who wish to study MBBS in USA after class 12.

·         After class 12, he or she can join science degree in USA. This course last for a period of 3 to 4 years in USA,  which is followed by MCAT,  MD i.e  MBBS in USA,   USMLE,  and practice in USA.

·         After completion of class 12 in India,  he or she can do a bachelor degree in India in any science stream,  followed by clearing MCAT,  MD,   USMLE,  and practice in USA.

·         Third option available for the student is to enroll in MD which is the five years course equal into MBBS offered by Caribbean/ Central America. MCAT,  MD,   USMLE,  and practice in USA.

How to do MBBS in USA?

You can start preparing for MCAT as soon as you decided to join MBBS in USA. It is not an easy process and you need a lot of preparation.

After completion of your second year in graduation, you can take up MCAT during the 3rd year. Yes, you can appear in MCAT during your undergraduate program. Soon after getting your MCAT result, and completion of graduation, you are eligible to apply for the medical program in US. The same applies to those who study a bachelor science degree in US itself.

After completion of MBBS in US i.e MD, you have two options.

1.       Prepare for USMLE or

2.       Back to India and start practicing

You can take the USMLE test only if you wish to practice medical profession in US. After completion of residency program, you can continue to pursue a super specialty program.

Pros and Cons of studying MBBS in USA

The entry requirements to join any medical school to study MBBS in USA are very difficult. The quality of education and standards are very high. Eventually it becomes the primary advantage for any student who chooses to study in USA.

Getting a degree in US, brings a ocean of opportunities to explore the career. Needless to say, it also enable you earn hefty. Also, you can choose to specialize in any fields and continue the studies.

In fact there are a number of advantages every student can easily have an upper hand over others if they study in any medical school in USA. 

Added advantages of studying MBBS in USA includes

·         Exemption from screening test conducted by MCI, which is  essential for all students  to start practicing in India, who complete their medical degree in other countries.

·         International recognition and internationally acclaimed degree where the student can start the practice in any country across the globe.

·         Knowledge of English is mandatory and the basic necessity.  However it is definitely not a burden for the medical aspirants to study a new language.

·         Free courses under colleges and Universities are accredited and recognized by WHO,  UNESCO, ECFMG, MCI and many more

·         The entire curriculum is based on American system of education.

·         Students get an opportunity to pursue the clinical internships in USA

·         All students get an opportunity to work and settle in USA.

·         Scholarships and  science or paid for meritorious candidate

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in USA

·         MBBS in USA cost comes as a primary factor, followed by tough entry requirements.

·         The cost of medical studies in private medical colleges in India is very high.  The same applies to studying MBBS in USA. So if you wish to study at an affordable cost, your say you have only one option choosing a medical college or school from Caribbean Island.

·         Medical common admission test is the most difficult competitive exam. In fact qualifying in the MCAT is a dream even for the American students.

Some of the top schools in the USA for Medical Courses are as follows:

·         University of Washington

·         New York University of School of Medicine

·         Boston University of School of Medicine

·         Washington University of School of Medicine

·         University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

·         University of California – San Fransisco

·         University of Nebraska Medical Center

·         The Johns Hopkins Hospital 

·         Oregon Health and Science University

·         University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

·         University of California – Los Angeles

·         University of Colorado

·         University of Wisconsin – Madison

·         University of Minnesota

MBBS in USA Duration

Duration of MBBS in USA is 4 years. 3 years bachelor degree + 4 years MBBS –  totally about 7 years for completion of medical degree in US.

Those who wish to practice medicine in USA should enroll for a Residency Program which lasts for a period ranging from 3 to 7 years.

MBBS in USA Cost

The choice of university and location influence the overall cost of studying a medical program in USA. If you join in the top-tier medical schools, the cost inclusive of all is likely to come up to $60,000 a year. Average tuition fee charged for Non-resident US students comes around $25,000. 

Average fees at US universities, 2017-18

Public two-year colleges

Public four-year colleges

 (in-state fees)

Public four-year


(other state fees)

Private non-profit

four-year colleges

Tuition and

other fees





Room and board





Total (per year)









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MBBS in USA scholarships

Most of the highly recognized universities, ranked high globally offer scholarships for the international students. More than 1000 students get financial aid through scholarships every year in USA. To list a few,

  1. University of Washington – Loans and scholarships for the disadvantaged students.
  2. Yale University – Need based scholarship programs
  3. Duke University of School Of Medicine – Need based grant
  4. University of Arizona – Offers all types of financial aids – Loans, grants, and scholarships
  5. John Hopkins University MD Program – External scholarships offered to the Non-US residents; financial aids and need based funds are provided to international students based on merit.
  6. At Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University – Scholarships and loans available to international students, but purely based on merit
  7. University of Minnesota – Non-resident tuition scholarships and University Grants

With meticulous preparation, hard work and planning, you can enroll for doing the medical degree in USA.

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